Community Projects


Stucco, garage doors, brown trim, and white trim will all be repainted.


Some landscaping changes in common areas for aesthetic purposes and to conserve water.

Seal parking lot in front of clubhouse.


Lighting improvement at the monuments on McCormick Ranch and del Desierto.

Resurfacing the pool deck, the pool and spa began January 8th 2018. The pool and spa will have a pebble recoating, re-tiling, and new pool heater. The pool deck will be resurfaced to bring our assets up-to-date for the benefit of our homeowners. We anticipate that the project will be completed around the 1st of February. We have new chaise lounge chairs as well. Your HOA board hopes you enjoy the wonderful facilities of our community.

MAY 2016

Santa Fe 1 has contracted with CertaPro Painters through competitive bidding for our painting project. CertaPro Painters will be painting the white trim, dark brown trim, garage doors, and also the front, black wrought iron. We are providing this notice to allow you time to prep your home or plan for the painting project if you are not going to be here before the painters get to your home. More detailed instructions are provided on the link below.

Parts of the project will begin during the fourth week of May. The entire project is expected to take approximately 5 weeks.

The letter to homeowners, a tentative painting schedule, and some information about our trash bins can be retrieved and printed from the 2016 Printing Info to SF1 Homeowners link below. Please understand that the painting schedule is tentative and is subject to change. CertaPro Painters will hand deliver a notice a few days prior to starting work on your residence. Please see the attachments for more information.

The painting does include the ceilings in the front underside of your foyer. It DOES NOT include any repair that needs to be done. You may contract the painters if your ceiling area needs repair (at your expense) prior to painting. Additionally, if you have other areas that are outside the contracted items described above, you may contract the painters to paint any additional parts of your dwelling (at your expense). It will be less expensive to you if you can schedule the work while they are conducting the community painting.

Please DO NOT contact the painter unless you wish to schedule painting events that are outside the contract. This additional painting/repair would be at your expense.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Should you have any additional questions regarding this matter, please feel free to contact our Property ManagerĀ at Tri-City Property Management - 480.844.2224.

Please also note the third page is a friendly reminder about the placement of your trash bins according to the City of Scottsdale Refuse/Recycling Guidelines.

2016 Painting Info to SF1 Homeowners