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In the Arizona Republic, April 17, 2019 an article written by Lorraine Longhi entitled Scottsdale Finds Enforcing its Rules for Short-term Rentals "extremely difficult" there is a situation noted that is occurring Old Town Scottsdale that is relevant to our community. "[Zach] Lindsay lives in Old Town Scottsdale and is concerned by the number of short-term rentals in his neighborhood. At least seven vacation rentals operate on his block, bringing increased traffic and noise at all hours of the night." This is what your HOA Board is anticipating will happen in our neighborhood if we do not be proactive about restricting rentals to 30-days or more. On most of our streets now - there are at least three rentals. Most of these are rentals of 30-days or more, and those types of rentals are not of any concern. The overnight, 2-3 days, short-terms are the types of rentals this amendment is meant to address. For the safety, noise-levels, parking issues, neighborhood nuisances, and for the preservation of our neighborhood environment, we are proceeding with a vote to amend our CC&Rs.

AMENDING OUR CC&Rs - Your HOA Board of Directors (BoD) voted unanimously at the November 2018 meeting to more forward to amend our CC&Rs to apply a time restriction of 30 days or more for all rentals and/or leases in SF1. In a survey in the Spring 2018, over half of our homeowners expressed the desire to stop short-term rentals in our neighborhood. Currently approximately 18% of our homes are rented at least once a year. Approximately 61% of those rentals are advertised on AIRBnB or VRBO as short-term rentals. Every street has homes which are considered short-term rentals. Some of the short-term rentals are advertised and rented for as little as one night at a time. This is not acceptable by the majority of our homeowners.

OUR HISTORY: According to the Scottsdale Zoning Interactive Map, in 1967 the zoning for SF1 and other lands on McCormick Ranch were changed from R-2DR (multiple family residential developmental review) to R1-43 (single family residential). Then, in 1971 our zoning was changed from R1-43 to R-4R (resort/townhouse residential). Our Planned Community began in 1978, years after these zoning activities. Our CC&Rs dated 1977 did not include any time restrictions on rentals. Additionally, there were no time restrictions on rentals in the McCormick Ranch Property Owners Association (MRPOA) CC&Rs until an amendment passed in 1980 restricting rentals to not less than 30 days. Until recently, SF1 residents believed we were protected under the MRPOA Rules and Regulations where it states on Page 23 "Renting of property of fewer than 30 days is prohibited." However, upon examining the 1980 MRPOA CC&Rs Amendment which we obtained from the MRPOA office, our subdivision is exempt from the rental restriction because the amendment exempts areas zoned as "resorts."

In 2017, the Arizona State Legislature passed a law eliminating the ability for cities and towns to prohibit short-term rental properties. Because of this, the City of Scottsdale changed its ordinance of prohibition of short-term rentals unless the restriction appears in the community's CC&Rs. This led to some reported issues with party-type rentals for short-term vacation rentals in SF1 last year. After consulting our legal counsel, we have been advised that if we amend our CC&Rs to include a time restriction, it will supersede the Arizona Revised Statute §33-1806.01 and therefore, impose a time restriction on short-term rentals.

Camello Vista 1 & 2 and Spanish Oaks have restrictions in their CC&Rs that prohibit short-term rentals/leases. According to our survey, the majority of SF1 homeowners desire to prohibit short-term rentals/leases. Your HOA does not advocate taking away homeowners' rights to rent/lease their properties. We believe that for the safety and preservation of our residential neighborhood, the rentals need to be restricted to 30 days or more.

Your HOA BoD made the decision to begin the process of amending our CC&Rs to prohibit short-term rentals because we want to maintain the quiet, personal, close community environment we currently have. Without a time restriction, our community could become a resort community where we are not certain who is living in your neighborhood or even next door.

To amend our CC&Rs, we need 75% affirmative votes of our owners. This means that 94 affirmative votes will amend the CC&Rs and still allow rentals/leases of 30 days or more. Please help us accomplish this important mission.

If you have any questions, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Tri-City Property Management. Additionally, please research any information you receive regarding short-term rental restrictions. Investigate who is sending them, the accuracy of the content, and whether the assertions are the best for our neighborhood.


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Trimming Schedule within the community, CLICK HERE.

If you have a service animal and you plan to utilize the clubhouse and/or the pool deck area with your service animal, you will need to submit your certification information to our property manager prior to bringing your service animal in these areas. If your pet is not a service animal, it is not allowed in the pool area nor the clubhouse at any time. Please help us keep our clubhouse and pool area safe and sanitary for all homeowners.

There are NO pets allowed in the pool at any time, even if it is a service animal. Perpetrators will be charged with draining and refilling the pool including labor, water, and chemicals. Service animals are allowed in the deck area and the clubhouse to assist the owner but are never allowed in the pool. Please help us keep our pool safe and sanitary for all homeowners.

Please visit the Scottsdale Police Department Crime Prevention Tips for important information on protecting your home in Santa Fe 1.

If you want to make changes to your back patio areas (not visible from the street), you are free to do so without submitting an Architectural Change Request Form. Please be aware of how the changes may affect your adjacent neighbors.

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