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AMENDING OUR CC&Rs to stop Short-term Rentals - Your HOA Board of Directors (BoD) voted unanimously at the November 2018 meeting to more forward to amend our CC&Rs to apply a time restriction of 30 days or more for all rentals and/or leases in SF1. In a survey in the Spring 2018, over half of our homeowners expressed the desire to stop short-term rentals (less than 30 consecutive days) in our neighborhood. Currently approximately 18% of our homes are rented at least once a year. Approximately 61% of those rentals are advertised on AIRBnB or VRBO as short-term rentals. Every street has homes which are considered short-term rentals. Some of the short-term rentals are advertised and rented for as little as one night. This is not acceptable by the majority of our homeowners. To amend our CC&Rs, we need 75% affirmative votes of our homeowners. This equates to 94 of 125 affirmative votes. Please join the majority of our homeowners by voting YES for the proposed amendment.  Your HOA does not advocate taking away homeowners' rights to rent/lease your properties. We believe that for the preservation of the character of our neighborhood, development of relationships - among owners and long-term renters - and to maintain the local community feel, it is necessary to do this.

How we got to this point - click here

Research-based justification for amending our CC&Rs for the benefit of our homeowners and our long-term renters.

1.  The purpose of the proposed amendment is to -

  • preserve the neighborhood character/atmosphere and neighborly relationships in a close knit community. Resource: The Simmering Battle over Short-term Rentals.
  • maintain the local community feel where neighbors look after each other, check on each other, and communicate on a regular basis;
  • promote the safety and continuity of our residents;
  • strengthen our relationships of community residents;
  • maintain a stable community relationship between our long-term renters and primary residents. In many cases in Santa Fe 1, long-term renters mingle in the community and get to know residents - this proposed amendment does not affect any long-term rentals;
  • protect the physical characteristics of Santa Fe 1;
  • ensure that there is affordable housing for people moving to Scottsdale with their families - Short-term rentals can affect housing costs in a community. When property owners elect to rent their homes on a short-term basis (e.g., 30 days or less) rather than a long-term basis (e.g., by the season or by the year), - they essentially squeeze the supply of housing, pushing up the demand, and subsequently, the cost of housing in the community. Resources: Short Term Rental Housing Restrictions and The Simmering battle over Short-term Rentals.

2.  The proposed amendment protects the current investors who have purchased property in Santa Fe 1 - allowing them to continue renting without any restrictions as long as they own their property. The "grandfather clause" in the proposed  amendment provides a fixed cap on the number of short-term rentals available in our community. It also enhances the current investors' capabilities to advertise and promote their vacation rentals since they would be the only owners who can pursue short-term renters.

3.  The proposed amendment could increase the value of the property of current investors who offer their property as a short-term rental.

Under the general economic principle of supply and demand, if an ordinance has the effect of reducing the supply of short-term rental properties and the demand for short-term rental properties rises or remains constant, the value of individual properties licensed as short-term rental properties,  after the adoption of regulations, can be expected to rise. Resource: Short-Term Rental Housing Restrictions, White Paper, Robinson and Cole, LLP, Attorneys-at-law, 2011.

4. The proposed amendment could increase the value of the property of current residents who do not rent their homes as short-term rentals.

In residential neighborhoods where the existence of short-term rentals is considered a negative, an ordinance that prohibits future short-term rental activity in those neighborhoods could positively affect the value of homes in these locations.Resource: Short-term Rental Housing Restrictions, White Paper, Robinson and Cole, LLP, Attorneys-at-Law, 2011.

5.  The proposed amendment may safeguard those tourists who are staying longer than 30 days.

Tourists who become aware of the new restrictions may perceive them[selves] as being motivated by, and evidence of an anti-tourist sentiment among full time residents and full time renters of the community. Resource; Short-term Rental Housing Restrictions, White Paper, Robinson and Cole, LLP, Attorneys-at-Law, 2011.

Without a rental time restriction, our community could become a resort community where we are not certain who is visiting our neighborhood or even who is staying next door - rather than the residential community we currently enjoy.

Please join the majority of homeowners in this important mission by voting YES on the amendment form that has been sent to your primary address. Your amendment form has a deadline which only helps us collect your vote in a timely manner. By law, we are allowed to pursue votes for one year after the process begins.

If you have any questions, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Tri-City Property Management.


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Trimming Schedule within the community, CLICK HERE.

If you have a service animal and you plan to utilize the clubhouse and/or the pool deck area with your service animal, you will need to submit your certification information to our property manager prior to bringing your service animal in these areas. If your pet is not a service animal, it is not allowed in the pool area nor the clubhouse at any time. Please help us keep our clubhouse and pool area safe and sanitary for all homeowners.

There are NO pets allowed in the pool at any time, even if it is a service animal. Perpetrators will be charged with draining and refilling the pool including labor, water, and chemicals. Service animals are allowed in the deck area and the clubhouse to assist the owner but are never allowed in the pool. Please help us keep our pool safe and sanitary for all homeowners.

Please visit the Scottsdale Police Department Crime Prevention Tips for important information on protecting your home in Santa Fe 1.

If you want to make changes to your back patio areas (not visible from the street), you are free to do so without submitting an Architectural Change Request Form. Please be aware of how the changes may affect your adjacent neighbors.

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